painting stories


I sell paintings.

I like selling them. It defrays the costs of my equipment and supplies — some of which are very expensive — and allows me to say, "I value my work — thank you for valuing it too."

It's also quite a buzz. 

To be honest though, selling is not my primary aim. I guess that's supported by the fact that I've given so many away. Just last week I gave a lovely print away to someone who needed it far more than I, and for whom selling it would have been just not right! It needed to be given, gone with a prayer that it would provide a source of encouragement and uplifting whenever it was viewed. 

Gifting or selling, it doesn't really matter. The real value of my work — the whole purpose of my painting — is to bring glory to the Creator. It's what He asked me to do.  I like to think that is what is occurring. I see it happening when viewers have deep responses to the paintings. He has used the painting to touch, stimulate, awaken, challenge. I read of it happening when recipients of the paintings email of how the paintings have significantly affected their lives, their plans, their future.

"... that one picture is mine and will stand in a prominent place on my wall as a reminder
of the incredible transformation God has done in my life..."
Catherine, 2017

This is not my doing. I don't know these people's stories or history or what moves them. God does though. When He prompts me to paint a scene or an object, He already knows who it is for, and He has already scheduled an appointment for that painting and that person. His timing. He knows.

(It is interesting that the few paintings I have done without His prompting have sat and sat..... and sat.)

Often what moves me to paint is not just the visual response but sometimes a quite visceral response: a profound emotion, a conviction, a word, something seen beyond what is in front of me. It's usually accompanied by goosebumps and by a sense of the Holy Spirit's presence. It was quite unsettling at first, and still it surprises me. I draw from these experiences heavily when I paint, and I use these same experiences to write about the painting. 

On the back of each work, I have taken to affixing a pvc pocket. In it I place the usual documentation that should accompany the sale of an art work. Additionally in that pocket, I place the writing that I hope conveys what I believe God wants you to think about as you enjoy it on your wall. 

Scroll down to find the links to some of those writings. 
I trust that they will move you to walk a little deeper in Christian faith.

God bless.
Russell Perry.


"Peep Show"       —      The Painting of Peep Show.pdf
"Too Cold For Swimming"   —   The Painting of Too Cold For Swimming.pdf