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Home sweet home - a place of peace and light and comfortable disarray...

Home sweet home - a place of peace and light and comfortable disarray...

Russell and Joanne Perry
207 Orangapai Road
RD4 Ranfurly 9398
New Zealand
+64 21 2433447

Russell Perry lives with his wife, Joanne, at the Christian Community of En Hakkore. Brought here by the grace of God in 2014, it has become home. 

This site was once a TB Sanatorium and then a youth detention facility: it has many buildings and facilities, and includes a farm of 120 acres. Today, the Bradfield family - David and Margaret, Anthony and Sarah - own the place. Here, they have a ministry of rest, retreat and restoration. It is a place of great beauty, deep rooted peace, and tangible presence of a loving God.

Russell has a large studio/framing room at En Hakkore, and displays his work on-site in the newly opened (Feb 2017) Selah Gallery.



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