Works In Watercolour offers a framing service to prospective clients as well as completing all framing for our own paintings, prints and photos. 

We stand by our reputation for framing excellence. All work is completed to a professional standard that you can expect to protect your investment for many, many years.

Though we take pleasure in framing really well, our facility is modest. Currently we work only with paper based images: photographs, prints and paintings. There are other framers in this small area whose business might well include 3-D, canvas, artefact and other framing requests. 


I put forward three images for framing - important pictures for us. I asked Russell to frame according to what he thought would best bring out the colours, then left him to it. I am very, very impressed with the result. His choices and the quality of the framing have given superb results. 
Rowan Feron, April 2017


Our framing room is also our art studio. Yes, it's a BIG room.

You'll find us at the end of the long corridor in here:

Samuel Saltzmann Building
En Hakkore

207 Orangapai Sanatorium Road
Orangapai, Otago, 9398

(Same building as the Selah Gallery)

We're not there all the time so if you need to see us, it's best to ring. (See below.)



Our paintings works are usually framed 5 days after completion. The delay is to ensure there is NO moisture content in the papers used. They are released from easel fastenings/tapes within 48 hours and are held in a rudimentary but efficient press for complete flattening, using tissue papers to absorb any residual moisture. 

All framed works are processed with exacting standards. All materials other than glass are conservation materials, most of which are sourced from one of NZ's major framing suppliers, Larson Juhl. (See glass options below.)

Our staff have been trained and are disciplined in ensuring the items to be framed are kept scrupulously clean, handled with great care, and locked into a well constructed framing sandwich of frame, glass, mat, foam board, backing board and tape.

The Morso, Cassesse and Fletcher equipment we use is well maintained and does an excellent job.

All framing projects are completed with hanging accessories and bumper buttons and are ready to display.


We offer the following options:

"Filling up"  -   Hilltop sunset in Samaria, Israel, 2014

"Filling up"  -  Hilltop sunset in Samaria, Israel, 2014

  • mounting options: hinge mount, adhesive mount, floating mount
  • matboard colours: approx. 35 colours in our in-house stock, and access to the full selection of Larson Juhl stock. 
    4ply and 8ply boards are available, white core and black core, and various conservation grades
  • matboard design options: single mat, double mat, mats with additional adornments
  • glass: most of our work is completed with standard 2mm glass. This is recommended for less valuable works or for very good hanging situations, i.e. no direct sunlight, no fluorescent lights, preferably LED or ambient daylight. Good lighting can go some way to reducing reflection problems.
    For higher value works or difficult situations where it is hard to shield from strong light, we strongly recommend you consider conservation glass. We carry Tru-Vue Conservation Clear, and will shortly have access to the newest Tru-Vue glass which is also 97% UV effective and is almost impossible to detect when looking straight at it. You won't believe how clear it is! 
  • hanging options: we can string the picture ready to hang or prepare it for gallery style hanging by affixing D-rings.
  • gallery system: Our Selah Gallery uses the superb STAS products to hang our works. They really enhance our display: simple, elegant, unobtrusive. They let the pictures speak for themselves.
    Gallery hanging is a great way to display your art work too. Yes, even in your home. It looks fabulous: discrete rails, transparent nylon cord, easy clip on hooks and fully adjustable hanging clips means you have a display that can be precisely tuned and altered readily to accommodate new acquisitions at any time. No more crooked pictures!

    We would be pleased to discuss your display requirements with you and provide a quote for STAS picture rail gallery systems.  
    And yes, you can install it yourself, or we can do that for you too.


Black Moulding.PNG


We tend to use a limited set of framing mouldings to display our works. These tend to be black or white and rectangular in form. (See image) Occasionally we may find that a wooden moulding suits the work better.

OUR selections are based on two criteria:

  • Is this the frame that best enhances this image? 
  • Is this compatible/consistent with the framing style used in our main gallery?

WIW Framing currently carries approximately 120 moulding options so there's lots more choice than just the black or the white. It is our intention to eventually reduce our range to around 50 mouldings. it is our experience that MOST of our customers find a limited range easier for making decisions, and with carefully selected framing stock being carried, we have been able to maintain a strongly satisfied customer base. Naturally we can cater to any wooden moulding request that is featured in Larson Juhl catalogues. 

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