Whether you come by and pick up your painting, print or photograph, or whether you ask us to ship it to you, our sole objective for packaging is to make sure it gets to its destination securely. Nothing less will do. 

We have good experience shipping goods throughout New Zealand: ALL works have arrived in EXCELLENT order. Whilst we have no control over the item once it leaves our hands, we are confident that with handlers' reasonable care, your purchase will arrive safely. 

Our experience with international shipping is rather more limited, but we have been blessed with a 100% safe arrival record so far. We expect that to continue.
(Amendment: Australia: please insure! My last parcel your way did some sort of grand Aussie tour and a month after it ought to have got to the client, it arrived damaged! Grrr…. )

We package with great care because we value your custom in purchasing a work of art. Preparing for post is a time and resource consuming process, especially where full frame items are involved. You will find our packaging charges are modest. 

A big thank you for our print, "Morning Mists Over Maniototo" .
It arrived in PERFECT condition.

Steven & Lorraine Benford, Northolt, UK.


Packaging Details



The level of protection largely depends on how far you are travelling, what type of vehicle the item is going in, and whether dogs, sticky ice creams and axle grease are present. Did I mention kids?

Happy with some bubble wrap right around and taped in place?
No charge.



Two options:

  • Half prep: $5 small $10 large
    includes screen film protection, corner guards, polystyrene barrier on glass side, and then the bubble wrap taped in place.

  • Full prep: $10 small $20 large
    As for half prep, plus side protectors, protection barrier on rear side, double bubble wrapped, cardboard box.

Proper packaging can take many minutes to achieve. If you think you will want full packaging, please ring us beforehand to advise so we can have it ready to go. Otherwise you are welcome to enjoy our fresh air and magnificent views whilst we do the job as you wait. 



Nothing less than full protection will do:
Glass protection film applied, polystyrene over glass, bubble wrapped, buffer side strips and corner protectors, bubble wrapped again, hard protection panel affixed on larger works, corrugated cardboard wrapped, securely taped with all corners/folds sealed, labelled to maximise fragility awareness, “Fragile” taped.

Small works: no dimension greater than 500mm:

Medium works: one dimension greater than 500mm

Larger works: both dimensions greater than 500mm
Additional protection may be applied.

National and international packaging for framed works are identical.






Postage customers may request that their item be wooden boxed for further security. This is not usually necessary, but we offer it as an option should you want that additional assurance.  Boxes are made to fit the purchase, may delay postage by up to 5 days, and attract further cost. Quotes can be furnished.






Short distance: scrolled, rubber band, bubble wrapped, taped
No charge.



We’ll tissue wrap the print, place the print in a tube and then cap the ends.    
Sm: $4.00   Lg: $7.50



For postage, we’ll tissue wrap the print, pre-roll it and bind the roll, place the print in a tube, pad the ends to avoid movement, and then cap and seal the ends. 
(This option is also available for pick up items.)
Sm: $6.00  Lg: $10.00


We ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that all unframed works are completely free from damage when posted.
(See Refund/Returns)

It is customary to roll unframed works with the image on the outer face of the roll. 

When the item is received and removed from the tube, please take great care. Unframed, unprotected paper images are particularly vulnerable to damage.

  • Damage to the surface of a painting, photograph or print is usually extremely difficult if not impossible to fix.

  • Avoid moisture: nowhere near boiling pots or steamy bathrooms and at least 3 km from the nearest cup of coffee!

  • Clean, clean hands, and preferably wearing cotton gloves. On no account should you touch the actual image. Just don't!

  • If the art work resists being removed from the tube, gently tighten the roll, then extract.

  • Lay the roll out onto a spotlessly clean, flat surface, gently unscrolling the image out from its rolled shape. Take your time with this process: four corner weights and patience will give best results for temporary viewing.

  • Temporary storage: either lay the image flat, pressed between smooth sheets of card pieces that are LARGER than the image paper, or re-roll carefully with the image TO THE OUTSIDE, wrap in tissue, rubber band it gently, and return it to the tube.

  • As soon as possible after receipt, organise for your purchase to be framed professionally.


We use Tracked Parcel Post for both national and international items
When the item is posted, you will be advised of this.
A tracking number will be forwarded to you by text or email.



NO PROFIT is made on postage: our charge to you is what it costs us to post.

IF we get it wrong and it costs more, we'll absorb that cost.
IF we get it wrong and it costs less, we'll direct credit the difference to you.

Parcel dimensions will differ from purchased item dimensions.  Wrapping and protection may add 20 - 30mm. This may affect postage rates.

Larger images sometimes require more rigid or additional protection. This will affect final weight and thus will increase postage costs.

We'll do our very best to keep postage rates to a minimum without comprising parcel integrity.




Postage tube.PNG












National: tubes

  • South Island $8.50

  • North Island $13.20

Rural Delivery          + $3.20


International: tube  
$26.00 - $30
depending on destination





National: parcel

Small to Medium size: 
<500mm in largest dimension

  • South Island $8.50

  • North Island $13.20

Rural delivery         +$3.20

Larger size:
>500mm in largest dimension

South Island:        $17.00

North Island         $26.40

Rural delivery       +$3.20

Occasionally, multiple purchases may be able to be combined. If that is your instruction, we will wrap then seek a price from our courier for the additional weight/size and inform you of that cost.



  1. You pay for painting/print.

  2. You give us your details.

  3. We prep the package ready for post.

  4. We get the best postage costs we can to meet your shipping requirements.

  5. We advise you of those costs.

  6. You direct credit us that cost.

  7. We send.
    OUR GOAL: within 2 days of the transactions being completed, your purchase will be on its way.

  8. We advise you that it's on its way, and inform you of shipping details.

  9. AND....
    You hang it on your wall.