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Maniototo  -  Otago  -  New Zealand


My home is on the foothills of the Rock and Pillar range, not far from the little town of Ranfurly in Otago. I look out across the Maniototo Valley from my lounge and bedroom windows. My camera and battered tripod are never far away.

Today I will awaken to the most incredible light displays. I did that yesterday, and I'll do it again tomorrow. At day's end, I draw my curtains only after the light has gone for fear of missing yet another Creator Spectacular! This is a place where the sky is constantly repainted, where the hills fold in and out of blue shadow, their crowns alight with brilliant snow or sun-drenched tussock, where everything is bathed in the most piercing light one moment only to be replaced the next by delicately folding blankets of cloud snuggling over and around valley and hill. It is ever-changing and simply breathtaking.

It's easy to feel the wonder of Creation here. 

I am blessed: I walk daily in a place of great beauty. It is New Zealand. It is Otago. It is Maniototo.
My camera is thirsty to capture extraordinary landscapes of light and line and colour and poetry.
This land provides endless testament to a God with limitless imagination.
Each image bears witness to purposeful Creation.

I pray that among my pictures is one that stirs you to wonder.   

You'll find a selection on the My Photography page. More to come later.

"Sibilance" -  Hawkdun Range, Maniototo, Otago, first of the autumn evenings. Such big silences in this place.

"Sibilance" - Hawkdun Range, Maniototo, Otago, first of the autumn evenings. Such big silences in this place.

"Otago Gold"

"Otago Gold"



This site is in its infancy. 
Photography is secondary to my painting at this time. 

For the moment, only a few images are displayed. 

The Intention:
To offer high quality, printed photographs for a reasonable price. Images will be printed professionally, most likely using the services of the award winning Microfilm Digital Print company in Christchurch, NZ.

In the meantime, enjoy the samples offered. Hope you like them. Let me know if there's something there that catches your eye.