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Two themes prevail: the celebration of creation and the passing of seasons. 

The first theme occupies centre space. If my paintings convey just a small part of my wonder and gratitude for a God who created all things, I will be satisfied. Master of the finest detail, He has worked a universe of immensity. I am dismayed that we who have inherited this work of love seem to be doing our level best to take it for granted, assuming a wanton rapacity that must find an end. How ungrateful we are.

The second theme, the passing of seasons, has a bite to it. This area of New Zealand is remarkable in that it hosts a trusting and trustworthy populace by and large. There’s an honesty here – it can be rough around the edges, but generally you’ll be treated well and integrity is something that matters.

Increasingly though, places like this barn witness the intrusion of those with different mindsets: people with little integrity if any, people who take, people who show no respect. This stone barn had many iron implements holding its roof down. Even though it is far up a remote and narrow road, that has been no deterrent to thieves who have helped themselves to a number of those implements. Doors have gone! Furniture has gone. The building is much reduced by people who assume a right to trespass, a right to pilfer history, a right to deny others the chance of enjoyable discovery.

Crime is such a dominant feature in northern communities and big cities of New Zealand. Though there are always exceptions, we are not so used to its callous presence here. Once in this land, communities held basic principles of behaviour as a standard to be upheld by all. Those principles were based on Christian precepts, and were significant in building strong, safe environments to live in and raise children in. I see this barn as a symbol: only if it is strengthened and respected will it stand for future generations to enjoy. Only if we strengthen our moral fibre, build love and respect for each other in all we do, and readopt those Christian values will future generations have a life to enjoy.  That’s if a surely unsatisfied Lord leaves us to get it right. His patience must be wearing thin.


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