"Flame Heart"

I have already written of Jessica's birthday in the previous post. You might remember that two topics were provided for consideration in the painting commission given by her parents. Of the two, I was led to paint the fantail.

The second topic also touched a sweet spot for me. As I mulled over what I might personally give Jessica, I was increasingly certain that the "orange coloured rose" might be a strong representation of her character and allow me to speak into her life.

Roses, like all flowers, are such an example of God's exuberant imagination and inventive creative spirit. I looked in my drawer for brightly hued yellows, oranges and reds, and set to.

Here's the painting. What a delight to paint. I hope you like it. I called it "Flame Heart". 
Jessica - enthusiastic, delightful, encouraging Jessica - without doubt has a heart afire for the Lord.

Just Joey Bud.JPG

God bless, Jess.
God asked me to be "Creative for His Glory". Tonight, I was so pleased to offer this gift to one who will also bring Glory to God. I pray that the painting - and the words I gave you with it - confirm you deeply, open your petals a little further into the hope offered through Jesus and the plan for your life offered by your Heavenly Father, and inspire you to breathe Holy Spirit fire into all who cross your path.