A Peeping Milestone...

A year ago, I ordered 10 large prints of "Peep Show". That's the wonderful painting that was my first real commitment to sharing the brush work with our Heavenly Father. It was quite an experience.

I went the print direction because a number of folk had asked me to. This painting attracted a lot of attention — and still does! We did the hard yards, eventually found the wonderfully capable Megan Rogers at Microfilm Digital Print in Christchurch who did our superb reproductions, checked out the test runs, bit the bullet and ordered 10 at 90% original size and 1 full size.

10 seemed a lot!  
"You really think we should get that many, honey?"
"Yes, I think we should."

We've sold a few over the last several months. Not fast, but some great moments with people and we were grateful for their purchases. One by one the prints went out.

LAST WEEK, we sold one.
TWO DAYS AGO, we sold one.
TODAY, we sold and wrapped up No. 9!

We only have ONE left! Unbelievable!
Time to order some more, eh? With a limited edition set of just 35, we hope "Peep Show" will continue to speak to the people God brings it to the attention of. 

God is good!