Today - just a few hours ago - I began once more a process aimed at sorting out my headaches and cognitive difficulties. For those of you new to me, I had a nasty vehicle accident in 2010 which has left a head that doesn't work as well as it used to. I tried many things to sort this out - none have worked!

So, today, I began anew. I am working with Lynette Breen, a good friend who has become a practitioner in using Dr. Caroline Leaf's strategies for rewiring the brain. Dr. Leaf writes and presents prolifically but she clearly has her detractors too, perhaps with some reason. However, there seems to be something in her work that has caught my interest and I have committed to working with Lynette to see what comes of it. Dr. Leaf references the Bible frequently in support of her theories. The Bible is explicit in its references to the mind, not least of which are Paul's words in Romans. I claim anew that I can "be transformed by the renewing of [my] mind". I also acknowledge God's purpose in these words: that I "will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will".

Something to pray for, eh?

As I quote from scripture, I am reminded of the theme God worked among us yesterday in church. Ours is not a formal service, for we are led by the Holy Spirit and usually we have little idea where that may lead us on a Sunday. We have come to trust though that He WILL bring something, and usually He delivers it through multiple messengers. It is potent and affirming and ALWAYS relevant - such a blessing! Yesterday was no different, and our theme: TRUST THE WORD OF THE LORD: IT IS ALWAYS RIGHT AND TRUE seemed to be on the button for me.

Whilst I have yet to trust Dr. Leaf, I trust in the integrity of my friend Lynette and I trust ten times more in the Word of God.

Watch this space. I'll keep you posted.

Oh, nearly forgot: took a bunch of interesting pictures, a little different to what I normally do. Here's a couple of them - hope you like them. Both trail side weeds and grasses, both bathed in God's autumnal light. I enjoy the texture in the grasses, though the movement is a little distracting. Might try some more work on this topic. The second I really like. Vipers bugloss is the weed, and it seems intent on gathering every last bit of the afternoon sun. 

God bless. Thanks for spending a few moments with me.


Golden Grass (c) WIW - Russell Perry

Sun Drenched Side-Show (c) WIW - Russell Perry