I live in that wonderful part of New Zealand called Central Otago. Each year, this region promotes artists - and their art - who are within spitting distance of the local Rail Trails. Cyclists come from all over New Zealand and the world to enjoy these trails, utilising the bridges, embankments and raised beds of the disused rail networks to wend a peaceful, unhurried way through beautiful countryside and several small towns. The event is called "Arts On The Rail Trail". Click here for more information.

As well as having our own Selah Gallery listed for this event, I also decided to respond to an invitation to exhibit material for another venue along Central Otago Rail Trail:  the Wedderburn Woolshed Photography Exhibition. Wedderburn is on of several little communities, 'little' meaning it has a half dozen or so houses... and a pub! it's the local, and of course the locals gather to catch up, talk through the issues facing them, and enjoy good company. You can see the tavern in this picture. The woolshed is directly across the road from here. The large shed tidies up very nicely for the annual exhibition, albeit with the lovely fragrances of a working site for divesting sheep of their woollies.


I felt it quite a privilege to hang work here, for some of the photographers displaying their wares are very, very good indeed. Their work immediately catches the eye, compelling the viewer to engage and appraise. I hope some of my pieces might do that too. My barrow is a little different though, for I'm not so much about expressing myself in photography as an art form, but expressing my devotion to a Creator who gives me such glorious images to photograph.  There's no great story behind my photos other than to say, "God is the greatest story of all - see what He can achieve by speaking it into being!"

I put five pieces in, and at the last minute a sixth. I chose them because each is a piece of exquisite natural artistry that touched my inner spirit. You see, I am intrigued by the idea that I am created in His image and even more so by the thought that the things that suddenly make me pause in delight might also be the things that bring Him delight. My camera allows me to capture some of those moments of discovery – the light dancing on a drop of water, the last leaves of autumn silhouetted against a sinking autumn sun, the wonderful colours found in kelp beds and holdfasts, the translucent gem of an honesty seed glowing fiery gold under an Otago sun, the silken weave of a spider’s web and how the eye is drawn to what might lie behind it – and revisit them for deeper reflection on the intricate design of all around us. I print them and show them so that I may hear what thoughts stir within the souls of viewers.

Have a look and see what you think? If you are interested in purchasing one, details and the means to purchase can be found on this page.


Why show in a second venue? Because it gives the opportunity to spread the word, to widen the story, to cast a net for others who just might be interested in what God has to offer. Surely the answer has to be, "Why not?"

Thanks for your continued interest and encouragement.
God bless you all.